Ep. 16 – Navigate Your Life By Owning Your True Self

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An Interview With Alie Harwood

As a shy introvert, disconnected from her true self, Alie Harwood was fraught for years in her teens and early adult life with a fear-driven mind of negative and self-conscious thoughts. She mostly relied on external attention and approval to feel comfortable in her own skin. These patterns created a variety of suppressed emotions and feelings, making it very difficult to function with confidence and clarity in the world.

It wasn’t until a significant turning point that shifted her perspective and life path. Eventually, this led to a gradual unfoldment of other shifts transforming her into a confident introvert empowered to take responsibility for her self-esteem and happiness.

Today, based on her own experience and process, Alie coaches other shy women introverts to break free from self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. She helps them empower themselves to discover their potential so they can be true to their authentic selves. As a Holistic Wellness and Confidence Coach, she believes there is no greater fulfillment than KNOWING your true self and no greater freedom than OWNING your true self.

In this episode, Alie shares her own story of transformation, and how she helps others in her 6-step process to living in their authentic self for personal growth and happiness. She also offers our listeners a free guide, THE CONFIDENT INTROVERT’S PATHWAY: 6 Steps to Go From Shy & Insecure to Confident & Empowered.


Key highlights include:

  1. Alie’s path to being a coach: Low points as a teen and while in college.
  2. Starting over calls for being proactive
  3. Focus on Influences for Good
  4. Life Decisions and Gifts
  5. The turning point during a low period
  6. Learning to release anger
  7. Taking responsibility for the happiness
  8. Navigating our lives
  9. Be tender with yourself
  10. Alie’s process with clients
  11. Alie’s mantra
  12. Amplification of your ego-mind
  13. Vision for helping women with the power of creative expression

Tips: Choose to see challenges as something for us not done to us.

Remember: Create time and space for yourself and make it a priority.


Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


Melissa Ambrosini – Podcast



FREE GIFT: THE CONFIDENT INTROVERT’S PATHWAY: 6 Steps to Go From Shy & Insecure to Confident & Empowered.

Alie can be found on Facebook at Wellness with Alie and Confident Introvert Tribe (a private FB group). She’s also on Instagram.


Alie Harwood is a Holistic Wellness & Confidence Coach helping shy women introverts to break free from overthinking, self-judgment and holding back so they can finally feel happy in their own skin and express their true authentic selves in the world. She believes that there is no greater fulfillment than knowing your true self and no greater freedom than owning your true self as this is how we find our peace, our passion, and our purpose! Alie is a lover of all things personal and spiritual development, healthy living, nature, dancing, and wise words.


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