Ep. 17 – What’s The “Best” That Could Happen?

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An Interview With Jae Hermann

What’s the “best” that could happen? That’s the mindset of Jae Hermann and the question she asks whenever she’s dealing with situations in her life. It wasn’t always that way. Just like many people, Jae focused on what’s the “worst” that could happen.

As a young woman, she was determined to build a career in her chosen field, strategizing, and planning the details to increase her opportunity for success. That all changed one day after being physically assaulted, which then proceeded to derail her beliefs about her choice in career and nearly ruining her emotionally – leading to a massive identity crisis.

It took a while for Jae to find herself. Soon she learned to embrace life with curiosity even when fears and doubts surfaced. This approach has allowed life to unfold, leading her to an incredible career as a marketer and business owner, which laid the groundwork for an international wholesale jewelry design business, running an online magazine, building a media production company, and pursuing an award-winning acting career on stage. There was no big plan. Instead, life blossomed into a series of synchronistic opportunities that she sought when presented.

Show Notes

Jae believes that everything happens for a reason. Listen in to this episode as she shares her story and how she lives in the present, is grateful for potential and possibility, and how the Law of Attraction works in our lives. Key insights include:

  1. Heart-focused intention
  2. “It’s not about you!”
  3. Overcoming or adapting to OCD
  4. Life as a series of synchronous events
  5. Realizing one’s gifts – being self-aware
  6. Being realistic and prepared
  7. Losing identity
  8. Growth – step by step
  9. Say “Yes, and”
  10. Step into Life
  11. Uses of adversity in changing life’s course
  12. Don’t let bad things define who we are or who we’re meant to be
  13. On being highly sensitive and being an introvert
  14. Need for solitude
  15. The gift of high sensitivity
  16. Self-care = Grateful in the moment
  17. Awareness as self-care
  18. Gratitude is the key to manifesting
  19. Focus on what you truly desire
  20. Capture fleeting thoughts by writing them down!
  21. Know what you want; write it down.
  22. We can be critical of ourselves with our internal self-talk, but we rarely write down the negative thoughts.
  23. Tip – come up with 3 to 5 statements of what you want, then write affirmation statements about each one.
  24. When faced with a crisis – embrace it.
  25. Final words – The importance of Acceptance and Gratitude








Jae is a storyteller, motivator, creative entrepreneur and brand consultant. She’s also been a marketing gal, a media producer, and an award-winning actress, model, and a long list of other roles. Truly a woman of remarkable talents and interests.

Jae publishes a Substack weekly, called #RealTalk which is a collection of motivational essays and curated personal development resources.


  1. Jae Hermann

    Thank you so much for the wonderful conversation. I hope it’s helpful (or entertaining) for your listeners.

    • Carol Chapman

      Hi Jae – Thanks again for being on the show! So enjoyed our conversation.


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