Ep. 13 – The Beautiful Gifts of Highly Sensitive Introverts

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An Interview with Jasraj Hothi, Entrepreneur and Founder of INF club

As a child, Jas Hothi thought everyone was like him. It wasn’t until his teens that he realized he was different from others. And it became even more apparent when his career took off while in the corporate world. His big “AHA” came when he had the best year ever in sales recruitment, having made “Employee of the Year.” Most people would love to have that kind of accolade. But for Jas, something wasn’t right. He was unfilled and just kept wondering why he wasn’t happier.

Discovering that he was a highly sensitive introvert was a powerful realization for Jas. Sensitive introverts don’t always know they’re different because, as he puts it, “we become used to our own reality.” Also, when you become used to what you know, anything different is frightening. It turns out, for Jas, the Universe was nudging him in another direction, and he knew he had to trust his intuition.

Show Notes

This episode is a real down-to-earth conversation with Jas as he shares his courageous journey to step out of his comfort zone (without a plan) to recalibrate his life. He learned to trust his intuition, honor, and accept who he was and allow that to guide him to make new and positive choices. Although he has many interests and passions, he’s committed to sharing what he’s learned to help other highly sensitive introverts acknowledge and understand their unique gifts so they can better navigate the world. Listen in to learn more of his experience:

  1. Growing up
  2. Turning points
  3. Empathy is huge
  4. Sensitive introverts
  5. Introvert uprising
  6. Highly sensitive self-test
  7. Not just an introvert
  8. Myers Briggs – INF trends
  9. Visceral reactions of sensitive people
  10. Trends in the workplace
  11. Highly Sensitive Refuge
  12. Introvert Dear
  13. Live Your Legend
  14. Intuitives
  15. Positive Psychology
  16. Escape the City
  17. National Novel Writing Month (November)
  18. The value of community


Susan Caine – Ted Talk

Dr. Elaine Aron

Scott Dinsmore


Facebook Groups for Highly Sensitives

Introvert Dear

Highly Sensitive Refuge


INF club

For info on Jas’ upcoming novel “What Happened to Scott Andrews?”


Jasraj Hothi is a multi-passionate blogger, writer & entrepreneur. After dropping out of university, he previously worked in sales, before leaving the city in 2015 to study a Masters in Positive Psychology and he hasn’t worked in an office since.

Alongside his Masters, he started his first entrepreneurial venture Thriva in 2016 – an alternative higher education program for 18-24-year-olds.

He has also has run various blogs for introverts, including his latest introvert blog INF club – for INFP & INFJ personality types, many of whom identify as ‘highly sensitive introverts’ aka HSPs

He is currently learning about investing & trading and is also publishing his 1st novel this year. Jas also writes poetry from time-to-time and journals daily, and he has been fortunate to visit 5 continents – though he calls SW London, England home.


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