Ep. 15 – Live Your Life Not Your Story

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An Interview With Tommy Breedlove

From incarceration on his birthday at age 19 to University to fast-tracking the corporate ladder, Tommy Breedlove had achieved what few people have done given the humble beginnings and violence in his earlier years. He had a great job, a beautiful wife, fancy car, corner office, and was a senior partner and member of the Board of Directors of a major financial consulting firm. He was also set for life financially. On the outside, he had achieved everything. On the inside, things were crumbling around him, and he almost lost everything.

After several days of complete chaos and hitting rock bottom, he committed to making “life his full-time job” and never looked back. He knew he had to save himself and be the person he was born to be. From that point forward, he doubled down and invested the next seven years in working on himself —  emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The work shifted his mindset and gave him a whole new perspective on life, transforming his way of thinking and being in the world.


Now as a business, career and mindset coach, a keynote speaker, and author he helps others empower themselves to build a legendary life. Listen in on how to make your life your full-time job as he shares his life-changing story and wisdom:

  1. Rising to life’s challenges
  2. Refined by the Fire
  3. Have you been called to your profession?
  4. Not dealing with the demons from the past
  5. “Man, I have got to change something!”
  6. How to build your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical fortress
  7. Tips and Techniques to be the Master of your Mindset Every Single Day
  8. Serve yourself first so you can serve others
  9. We all have a purpose
  10. Purpose changes based on the seasons and changes in our life
  11. What is important to you?
  12. Benefits of an Accountability Partner
  13. “Burn the Boat” concept
  14. Mentors and Coaches vs. Psychologists
  15. Ambition, Drive, and Desire to make an impact on the world
  16. Choose! To do the hard work
  17. Build a legendary life!
  18. Life Tips from others: Live your life or Live your story
  19. Participate in your own rescue




Legendary: A simple playbook for building and living a legendary life, and being remembered as a legend


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Tommy’s purpose is to empower humans to build a legendary life. He guides his clients and audiences to discover a life of significance while creating a legacy. The tools he shares shows them how to work in their zone of brilliance, obtain financial freedom, and live with meaning and balance. And importantly, become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

From overcoming incarceration as a young man to working at the largest financial consulting firm in the world, he gained business notoriety and financial success. He became Senior Partner, International Practice Leader and Member of the Board of Directors. He looked successful on the outside, but was crumbling on the inside and almost lost everything. Tommy chose to transform his life and follow his true calling. He now works as a Featured Keynote Speaker, Author, and Business, Relationship, and Mindset Coach.

Join Tommy on this journey if you are ready to live a “Legendary Life,” “Obtain True Freedom,” and “Participate in Your Own Rescue.”


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